Feed-grade zinc oxide for Animal Health

Z-TRACE™ for animal health and nutrition.

ZOA’s Z-TRACE™ is our feed-grade, free flowing zinc oxide powder on par with our high purity zinc oxide – free flowing, relatively dust free, and specifically engineered for livestock feed.

Zinc is considered an essential trace element in all living organisms as even in small quantities, it strengthens immunity as well as the function of more than 300 enzymes and hormones. Zinc aids enzymes in carbohydrate metabolism and protein synthesis, and cannot be substituted by other elements.

The earth is naturally abundant in zinc. However, its intrinsic availability and nutritional value has depleted due to climate change, soil composition, or vegetative composition of the pasture. This has subsequently caused an imbalance between mineral supply and demand. That is why farmers add traces of zinc oxide to stock feed premixes and blends to treat zinc deficiency and improve or maintain their feed conversion rates.

Zinc deficiency in animals:

  • Goats: Goats with zinc deficiency may suffer from joint stiffness, flaky skin, excessive salivation, low libido, swollen feet, small testes, loss of appetite, and weight loss.
  • Cows: Cows with a zinc deficiency will have crusty proliferations, cracked skin and hair loss on the muzzle, vulva, anus, tail, head, neck, ears, backs of the hind legs, knee folds and flank.
  • Chickens: zinc deficiency in growing chicks causes a stunt in growth, shortened/thickened long bones, enlarged hock joints and poor feather development.
  • Pigs: Zinc deficiency in pigs is obvious through reduced growth rates, poor appetite and a skin thickening condition called parakeratosis.

Z-TRACE™ can help treat zinc deficiency in livestock to improve overall growth, strengthen appetite and boost feed conversion rates. To ensure your stock feed product is of the highest purity and quality, contact the ZOA team about Z-TRACE™ today.

Product applications
Animal Health & Nutrition
  • High purity/low metal contents
  • Improves growth in animals
  • High nutritional value
  • Strengthens immune function
  • Boosts feed conversions rates
  • Improves enzyme and hormone function
  • Stock feed pre-mixes and blends
  • To combat the effects of zinc deficiency
    • reduced pace of growth
    • no appetite
    • weak utilisation of feed
    • low libido
    • low effectiveness of mating
    • low ovulation
    • low number of litters among pigs
    • parakeratosis of skin, paunch, feathers
    • decreased immunological resistance
    • hoof diseases, lameness as a result of animal culling
    • poor quality milk and consequently poor results of
      calf and piglet rearing

To receive an analysis and further technical and safety information for Z-TRACE™, please get in touch with our team directly.

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Our goal is to provide the best quality food additives for animal nutrition needs. The Z-TRACE 80™ is our highest purity mineral component to support growth and life function of livestock.

Distributing Z-TRACE 80™ (80% Zinc Oxide) Feed Grade additives to customers across the globe, we can ensure our product is safe for the health of animals. If you would like to learn more about how we can develop an appropriate product for you, contact our team today.



The delivery of appropriate nutrients to livestock cannot be underestimated as it’s necessary for their proper development. Our Z-TRACE 72™ (72% zinc Oxide) additive is a basic enzyme assisting in the transformation of nitric compounds, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. Zinc ions participate directly in generation, storage and secretion of insulin, as well as in digestion processes. It is also indispensable for correct DNA and RNA synthesis.

Any present impurities in this product are controlled and dioxin-free. It is one of the more popular zinc oxide powders for animal health but talking to our team can help clarify if it is best for you.