Improve infrastructure longevity with our advanced zinc powder

Zinc’s natural anti-corrosion disposition makes it an ideal ingredient for paints and primers, particularly for industrial-grade applications.

Quality zinc paint can contain up to 95% of zinc metal pigments, which work to create a physical barrier to protect the underlying steel from corrosion, mildew, rusting, premature cracking and colour fading. It is commonly used to increase the durability of large infrastructures such as bridges, tunnels, marine equipment, power plants, and more.

The construction and marine industry heavily relies on zinc-based paint and coatings to ensure long-lasting quality and durability. But standard interior paints can also benefit from zinc metal powder, as it can prevent white acrylic paint from turning yellow.

Please view our recommended products below or reach out to us today for personalised guidance on which one is ideal for your goals.

Suitable Product
Anti-corrosive pigment
Metallic zinc at 96.0
[min wt.%]
Anti-corrosive pigment
Sprayable metallic zinc at 96.0 [min wt.%]
  • Increases the longevity of metal and steel
  • Prevents corrosion & premature peeling/fading
  • Provides intense UV protection
  • Heat & weather resistant
  • Paint
  • Primers
  • Surface Coatings

Zinc dust is GMO free and Reef Safe. Manufacturing your product with zinc ingredients ensures that you’re doing your part in protecting the earth and developing a more ethical, modern life.

Zinc in General Surface Coatings

In addition to interior and exterior paints, everyday household appliances and objects have also been proven to benefit from a zinc metal powder coating. For example, a plastic container, ceramic plate or glass cup with a zinc coating will not crack as easily when exposed to high temperatures. For this reason, zinc coatings are also often used in pottery as a protective glaze.

For advice on which zinc material we would recommend for your surface coating product, send an enquiry to our team today.