Our advanced zinc foliar formulation

Z-GROW™ – Our formulation series

Z-GROW™ is our specially made zinc enriched foliar spray and seed dressing with up to 10 times more zinc that standard liquid chelates. With Zinc as zinc oxide (98.5% min.). Z-GROW™ contains up to 4 times more zinc than typical sulphate or nitrate based formulations. The high purity of the raw materials we use means that Z-GROW™ is safe to use on all crops.

Studies show that 50% of the earth’s soil lacks zinc, which causes a significant reduction in crop yield, crop quality and nutritional value. Zinc is an essential micronutrient that forms enzymes to aid plant photosynthesis and auxin production.

Symptoms of zinc deficiency in plants and crops include:

  • Chlorosis – yellowing of new or old leaves.
  • Necrotic spots – wilting or decay on areas showing chlorosis.
  • Leaf or branch decay.
  • Leaf rosettes – circular clusters of leaves.
  • Stunted plant growth.
  • Small, irregular shaped leaves.
  • Reduced crop yield.

ZOA believes in advancing zinc products to improve the modern world’s overall nutritional and economic state. Our advanced Z-GROW™ formulation assists in counteracting stress and treating zinc deficiency in crops when used as a foliar application.

It is easy to pour, measure and mix into a spray tank and therefore requires fewer drums than usual to handle. The controlled particle size of Z-GROW™ also ensures long-term soil and plant health, reducing the need for constant reapplication.

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Product applications
  • Up to 10 times more zinc than standard liquid chelates
  • Up to 4 times more zinc than typical sulphate
  • or nitrate based formulations
  • Safe to use on ALL crops
  • Easy to pour, measure and mix
  • Fewer drums required in handling process
  • Saves time & money
  • Improves crop yield, crop quality and nutritional value
  • Zinc Foliar Sprays for soil, seeds, and plant nutrition

To receive an analysis and further technical and safety information for Z-GROW™, please get in touch with our team directly.

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Zinc for Crop Nutrition

The direct application of our zinc foliar spray Z-GROW™ helps treat zinc deficiency in soils, and can also be used as seed dressing.

It also helps prevent leaf chlorosis, reduces necrotic spots, prevents little leaf growth, improves plant nutritional value and crop yield. If you’d like to learn which of our products is best for you, please contact our team directly.


The Worldwide Impact of Zinc Deficiency

In crop production specifically, zinc deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies worldwide. As an essential trace element that we primarily receive from food, a lack of it in our crops and food sources presents a severe risk to our overall health.

Farmers must work with reputable producers to ensure their zinc fertiliser products are of the highest quality and purity. Contact the ZOA team today to learn more about our suitable products, or click below to learn more about zinc in Agriculture.

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