Our zinc fertiliser coating

Z-COAT™ Zinc – Our formulation series

Our zinc fertiliser coating Z-COAT™ is a liquid suspension concentrate with a
67% (w/w) zinc as zinc oxide 99.5% (min.).
Z-COAT™ provides a uniform coating of zinc nutrient for increased yield. As an appropriate substitute for zinc sulphate, it contains essential micronutrients that plants and crops require to thrive.

The primary function of zinc in plant and crop health is to assist in the metabolic process and produce chlorophyll, allowing the plant to absorb energy from light and thrive. Zinc-deficient plants also show a significant reduction in carbohydrates, protein and chlorophyll formation. Therefore, a consistent supply of zinc is required for plant growth and maximum crop yield.

Common symptoms of zinc deficiency in plants include but are not limited to:

  • Chlorosis – inter-veinal yellowing of either new or old leaves.
  • Necrotic spots – leaf tissue wilting or decay on areas showing chlorosis.
  • Leaf bronzing – chlorotic areas can develop a bronze colouring.
  • Leaf rosettes – circular clusters of leaves; small, thin, pointed leaf tips growing from reduced inter-nodal distance.
    Stunted plant growth.
  • Dwarf leaves or ‘little leaves’ – smaller leaves that often display signs of chlorosis, necrotic spots or bronzing.

Agriculture and horticulture industries have typically used zinc sulphate to treat zinc deficiency. However, it was not proven beneficial for the crops. That is why
Zinc Oxide Australia has developed our enhanced zinc fertiliser, Z-COAT™.

Z-COAT™ is made of quality zinc with high nutrient concentration and enables an even coating and balanced distribution of micronutrients. The direct application of our Z-COAT™ fertiliser helps improve seed coating and root dipping and treats zinc deficiency in plants and crops at the source. It also helps prevent leaf chlorosis, reduces necrotic spots, prevents little leaf growth, and improves plant health.

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Product applications
  • Zinc as zinc oxide 99.5% (min.)
  • Granular fertiliser for even coating and uniform distribution
  • Treats zinc deficiencies in plants and crops
  • Promotes chlorophyll production
  • Improves plant and crop growth
  • Contains essential micronutrients
  • Prevents leaf chlorosis
  • Reduces necrotic spots
  • Enhances nutritional value
  • Maintains crop production & income
  • Zinc (Zn) as zinc oxide (ZnO)
    534g/kg (53.4% w/w)
  • Made in Australia from zinc oxide produced by us
  • Proprietary formula to Zinc Oxide Australia
  • Fertilisers
  • Foliar sprays

To receive an analysis and further technical and safety information for Z-COAT™ Zinc, please get in touch with our team directly.

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Zinc Deficiency – a Worldwide Issue

Zinc deficiency is confirmed to be one of the most common deficiencies worldwide, especially in crop production. Zinc is an essential trace element that all living organisms require for healthy bodily function.

We mostly receive our necessary zinc intake through our diet. A lack of it in our crops and food sources therefore present a severe risk to our overall health.

As zinc fertiliser usage increases worldwide, farmers and agriculture industries must work with reputable producers to ensure the product is of the highest quality and meets the appropriate purity rating. Contact the ZOA team today to learn more about our suitable products or click below to learn more about zinc in Agriculture.


Common Zinc-Deficient Soils

Some soils are capable enough to supply the required micronutrients to the crops. However, most will require assistance via a zinc oxide Fertiliser.

Zinc-deficient soils are common worldwide, but most exist in the Mediterranean region, including the Western and South Australia cropping areas. Studies have revealed that zinc deficiency is most susceptible in Maise (corn crops), wheat grown on calcareous soils and lowland rice.

It’s best to perform soil tests and plant analyses to determine whether a zinc fertiliser or foliar spray will benefit your soil and crops. If you need any advice on this process or wish to learn about a suitable zinc formulation, give us a call or send an enquiry today.