Strengthen plant & soil health with zinc oxide

Zinc oxide is widely used as a micronutrient to address zinc deficiency in plants and soil. For this reason, zinc oxide is an active component in fertilisers and foliar applications in farming and horticulture.

The primary function of Zinc in plant and soil health is to help drive metabolic reactions and produce chlorophyll, which allows plants to absorb energy from light. When plants or crops are zinc deficient, this causes significant reductions in crop yield, quality and nutritional value.

As zinc is an essential trace mineral that all living organisms require for healthy bodily function, the lack of it in our organic crops and food sources poses a significant risk to our overall health. Therefore, ensuring that crops receive an appropriate amount of zinc is a simple, cost-effective and sustainable way to improve food and nutritional value, human health and farmer incomes.

Farmers have typically used zinc sulphate to treat zinc deficiency in the past. However, it has since been proven that zinc oxide fertilisers and sprays that contain essential micronutrients for plants and crops generate more positive results. In addition to zinc fertilisers and sprays, Copper fertilisers also present tremendous value to crop yield and plant health.

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Suitable Product
Liquid suspension concentrate
67% (w/w) zinc as zinc oxide 99.5% (min.)
Liquid suspension concentrate
57.3% (w/w) copper as cuprous oxide (Cu2O)
Advanced liquid suspension concentrate
Zinc as zinc oxide
(98.5% min.)
  • Promotes chlorophyll production
  • Improves plant and crop growth
  • Enhances nutritional value
  • Maintains crop production & income
  • Fertilisers
  • Foliar sprays

Zinc oxide is GMO free and Reef Safe. Manufacturing your product with zinc ingredients ensures that you’re doing your part in protecting the earth and developing a more ethical, modern life.

Our Zinc Formulations

At ZOA, we are dedicated to advancing zinc to improve our quality of life. That’s why we have created specialised formulations from enhanced, high-purity raw materials. Our formulation range includes both Copper and zinc coatings as well as an advanced zinc foliar dressing, all of which have an increased level of nutritional and economical value.

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