Our extra fine zinc metal powder

Z-EXTRAFINE™ – Our sprayable anti-corrosive series

Z-EXTRAFINE™ is our high-grade Zinc metal powder produced with advanced, clog-free sprayable metallic zinc at 96.0 [min wt.%]. Also known as Zinc Dust, this enhanced product is ideal for aerosol primers and similar applications due to its rapid corrosion resistance in highly acidic or alkaline environments.

Zinc Dust aerosol primers and paints form a fast-drying and highly durable protective layer on metal surfaces. This protective layer is essential to protect the coated surface from mould, mildew, rust and corrosion. Zinc Dust sprays are also ideal for touching up missed or modified surface areas.

Zinc Dust sprays are commonly used as:

  • Anti-rust primer for all ferrous metal surfaces.
  • Coating for welded joints and drilled holes.
  • Protective coating for metal edges on galvanised fixtures.
  • A conductive intermediate layer for spot welding, and more.

It’s important to note that conventional enamels should not be used over Zinc Dust primers unless you first apply a barrier coat over the primer.

ZOA’s Z-EXTRAFINE™ provides extra high corrosion protection due to its high metal contents and improved microstructure properties. To receive personalised advice about your product or organise an order, please contact the ZOA team.


Product applications
Paint & Surface Coatings
  • Zinc as zinc compounds 99% (min.)
  • Clog-free and sprayable
  • Anti-corrosive
  • High UV protection
  • Weather resistant
  • Improved durability and longevity of steel infrastructure
  • Protects from mildew and mould
  • Compatible with gravity feed & suction feed spray equipment
Appearance Grey Powder
Total zinc wt.% Min. 99.0
Metallic zinc wt.% Min. 96.0
ZnO wt.% Max. 5.0
Pb wt.% Max. 0.2
Fe wt.% Max. 0.05
Cd wt.% Max. 0.1
Sieve residue (+325 Mesh) wt.% Max. 0.03
Particle size d(0.5) 3.0 ~ 5.0
  • Aerosol paints and primers
  • Protective coatings

To receive an analysis and further technical and safety information for this product, please get in touch with our team directly.

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Our zinc metal powder raw materials are produced by the French (indirect) process. This process has many advantages compared to others, including:

  • Consistent high purity & fine particle size
  • Consistent white colouring

Compatible with Gravity Feed & Suction Feed Equipment

Spray guns are typically categorised into gravity feed (cup on the top) and conventional feed (cup on the bottom). To achieve sufficient atomization, paint or primers must be syphoned from below the gun (suction feed) or fed from the top down into the nozzle (gravity feed).

Z-EXTRAFINE™ is compatible for both types of spray equipment. With its extra fine particle size and anti-clogging properties, your product will reach its highest quality and potential with our enhanced Zinc metal powder, Z-EXTRAFINE™.

To find out if this product is best suited for you, reach out to the ZOA team today.


Sustainable Zinc Secondaries

ZOA is dedicated to improving our sustainability, so we produce our zinc metal pigments from zinc secondaries wherever possible.

To find out more about Z-EXTRAFINE™ and whether it’s the ideal product for you, please contact our team directly.