Our copper fertiliser coating

Z-COAT™ Copper – Our formulation series

Our copper fertiliser coating, Z-COAT™ is a high-quality, free-flowing liquid with a 57.3% (w/w) copper as cuprous oxide (Cu2O). It helps treat Copper deficiency in plants, soil and crops which ultimately improves pasture growth and crop yield.

Like zinc, copper (Cu) is one of eight essential plant micronutrients. Copper is vital to multiple enzyme functions, including plant photosynthesis, plant respiration, and the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins. As a result, Copper intensifies the flavour and colour of vegetables and plants.

Copper deficiency symptoms occur in newer leaves, but symptoms vary depending on the plant or crop.

Typically, symptoms involve:

  • Slight chlorosis (yellowing) of the whole leaf or inter-veinal.
  • Necrotic spots on the leaf margins or chlorotic areas.
  • Wilting leaves or stunted plant growth.
  • Dull colouring
  • Shorter stem length between leaves.

Fertiliser sprays that combine zinc and copper are ideal for increasing most crops’ growth and yield characteristics. These essential micronutrients provide the highest nitrogen and chlorophyll content in leaves, the number of branches per plant, plant height, and improved yield components (determined by the number of pods percentage).

Our copper fertiliser coating, Z-COAT™ is a high-quality zinc/copper blend with unrivalled nutrient concentration. The fertiliser adheres to fertiliser granules, is evenly coated and distributed, remains dry and is free-flowing with enhanced dust suppression.

For technical assistance or tailored advice about our zinc and copper fertiliser coatings, please contact our team directly.

Product applications
  • Ready to use liquid that is easy to measure and apply
  • High nutrient concentration
  • Uniformly coated
  • Remains dry and free-flowing
  • Enhanced dust suppression
  • Promotes chlorophyll production
  • Strengthens plant and crop growth
  • Prevents leaf chlorosis
  • Minimises necrotic spots
  • Maintains crop production & income
  • Copper (Cu) as Cuprous oxide (Cu2O)
    573g/kg (57.3% w/w)
  • 100% Made in Australia
  • Proprietary formula to Zinc Oxide Australia
  • Fertilisers
  • Foliar sprays

To receive an analysis and further technical and safety information for this Z-COAT™, please get in touch with our team directly.

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Common Copper-Deficient Soils

Copper deficiencies often occur in wetlands/peaty soils, sandy soils, and high concentrations of organic matter. Copper deficiency, therefore, most commonly occurs in cereal grains when grown on copper-deficient soils.

In addition, some vegetable crops such as lettuce, onions and carrots can also be susceptible.

We recommend performing a soil test and plant analysis to confirm copper or zinc deficiency. If you need further advice or information about our suitable products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an enquiry.


Our Zinc Fertiliser Coating

Some soils can readily supply essential micronutrients to crops. However, most will require zinc oxide fertilisers.

Our zinc fertiliser coating, Z-COAT™ is a liquid suspension concentrate of high-quality zinc. It strongly binds to fertiliser granules and can substitute zinc sulphate to provide the essential micronutrients that plants and crops require to thrive.

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