Powering the Rubber & Tyre Industry with zinc oxide

Roughly 50% of zinc oxide is used by the rubber and tyre industry, as it speeds up the vulcanisation process, increasing overall efficiency, sustainability and durability for the industry as a whole.

Zinc oxide activates vulcanisation – the chemical process of transforming natural rubber into a more durable version, allowing it to withstand high levels of UV, heat and abrasion. In addition to rubber and tyres, zinc oxide is also a crucial ingredient used by the automotive industry as an anti-corrosive, heat-resistant agent in engine oils.

Most mechanics will use zinc-based engine oils to bond to metal parts of the engine, creating an anti-wear coat. This zinc coating can withstand high heat and pressure levels, allowing the engine to run smoothly and improving fuel efficiency.

With the rubber industry growing in size and demand each year, ZOA is committed to advancing zinc products to improve the industry’s impact on the environment and economy. If you need more information about our zinc product recommendations, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

Suitable Product
High purity
Zinc as zinc oxide 99.5% (min.)
  • Activates & accelerates vulcanisation
  • Absorbs acidic substances
  • Heat & UV resistant
  • Natural anti-corrosive properties
  • Tyres
  • Industrial – cars, planes, ships and boats, agricultural machines, trains, and construction
  • Consumer goods – footwear, mats, hats, tubes, gloves, and pacifiers

Zinc oxide is GMO free and Reef Safe. Manufacturing your product with zinc ingredients ensures that you’re doing your part in protecting the earth and developing a more ethical, modern life.

Z-TECH in Rubber Products

Produced from secondary zinc ingots, Z-TECH is a multi-functional zinc oxide powder that possesses a minimum purity rating of 99.5%.

During the vulcanisation process, the polysulfide bond breaks, resulting in Hydrogen Sulphide (an extremely hazardous gas that accelerates the rubber cracking). Adding ZOA’s Z-TECH to the process forms new cross-linking bonds, which work to stabilise the vulcanization network, prevent cracking, and improve overall durability.

To organise a tailored consultation regarding our Z-Tech product, please enquire with our team today.