Safe, sustainable & environmentally-friendly operations.

Essential to the Environment

The world is naturally abundant in zinc and an essential mineral for all living organisms. It is present in rock, soil, air, water and the biosphere. Its vast array of benefits for humans, agriculture, and renewable energy sources means it is an ideal raw material for a more sustainable society.

All zinc-containing products are 100% recyclable at all stages of production and use. As zinc products come to the end of their useful life, we can collect, process, and recycle them into new products. This natural recycling infrastructure reduces energy use, emissions, and waste disposal.

At ZOA, we endeavour to practice sustainability in every aspect of our manufacturing and distribution process. That’s why we use zinc secondaries wherever possible, especially for our zinc metal pigments. This actively contributes to reducing CO2 emission, air pollution (by 80%), water pollution (by 76%) and water use (by 40%).


ZOA appreciates customers need to optimise manufacturing processes and inventory levels. Our JIT excellence program assures supply of goods on demand – exactly when they are needed, eliminating excess inventory, improved efficiencies, and reduced carrying costs.

Reef Safe & GMO Free

ZOA is dedicated to promoting how zinc-based products can enhance our health while protecting our colourful Australian marine life.

Zinc’s environmental impact cannot be assessed in the same way as synthetic chemicals. As zinc is a naturally occurring mineral, eliminating it from the environment is impossible. But there are steps the industry can take to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect our environment.

Our zinc oxide products are cruelty free and GMO free. This means they do not contain any Genetically Modified Organisms. Studies have proven that GMO products can be hazardous to the environment, ocean life, agriculture and human health. We also ensure that our zinc oxide powders and formulations meet the legal particle size requirements.

Manufacturing your product with ZOA ensures that you’re doing your part in protecting the earth and developing a more ethical, modern life.