About Us

Zinc Oxide (Aust) Pty Ltd..

Zinc Oxide Australia [ZOA], 100% Australian owned, is part of a large privately-owned global enterprise, we bank on the strength of our group’s assets, and trustworthy resources worldwide to accord confidence to our customers worldwide.

On the back of our unwavering engagement with customers, we continue to evolve our product slate to forge an even more integral partnership with our customers.

Wish List

While we still continue to hold manufacturing as our core, we aspire to add value to our customers by understanding their critical supply chain issues. So whether you are looking to get a specialist blend manufactured, or a new product, or simply looking for alternatives to transport Dangerous goods, we are happy to step up.

Quality Assurance

The key to our success is certainty of supply of quality goods to our customers. For quality assurance, we manage, audit, and test all our processes and products to meet industry standards.

That’s why we’ve established a suite of benchmarks:

  • Batch tests
  • Quality assurance audits for every order
  • Proven quality-control processes
  • Constant review of processes for continuous improvement.

Zinc Oxide Australia holds Certificate ISO 9001: 2015 Guided by our professional and ethical business standards, we continue to meet the specifications of this certificate—always meeting our statutory and regulatory obligations.

Safety & Environment

After more than 40 years of manufacturing, we understand workplace safety. The fundamental premise of our operations is to ensure the safety of all staff and care for our environment. We care about safety and the welfare of our employers. Our corporate safety policy guides our comprehensive Health & Safety procedures.

Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain is the backbone of our business. Being part of a large privately owned global enterprise, we rely on our own established network spread across geographies to resurrect business confidence.

With key sites right across Australia, we provide timely delivery at short notice. Our quick response time enables us to integrate seamlessly into our customers’ supply chain.

Certainty of supply—it’s fundamental to building trust.

Toll Manufacturing

Our toll manufacturing service emanates from our long-term vision of keeping Australian manufacturing alive and onshore. Our proven manufacturing and technical prowess enables us to meet stringent quality-control standards.

We offer contract manufacturing/toll manufacturing to our customers because we have genuine technical competence, the storage capacity, and the ability to scale production at key sites in Australia within our group. Let’s get this done in Australia!