Leading producer and supplier - BP/USP Pharma grade zinc oxide, Nano zinc oxide powder and dispersions, Zinc dust pigment, and Zinc integral products – Fertiliser coating.

Preferred supplier to MNC’s and leading Australian enterprise in Pharmaceuticals, Sunscreen & Cosmetics, Personal Care, Animal Health & Nutrition, Soil & Plant Nutrition, Paint & Surface coatings, Rubber & Tyres, and Lubricants.

Zinc Oxide (Aust) Pty Ltd..

Manufacturer & Supplier of High Purity Zinc Oxide, Zinc Dust pigment, and allied intermediate raw material

Zinc Oxide Australia established late 1960’s, was primarily in the business of production, and supply of zinc oxide, and zinc dust pigment to the Paint & Surface coatings, Mining, Agriculture, and Animal nutrition industries.

Today, while continuing to integrate forward, and value-add our core production of zinc oxide, we are working closely with our global customers to further enhance their differentiation in their markets.

ZOA is the only OEM producer of zinc oxide by the French / indirect process - using Special High Grade Zinc metal from Australia.



We manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of organic and inorganic raw materials that enrich a wide range of industries.

  • Cosmetics & Skin Care
  • Soil & Plant Nutrition
  • Animal Health & Nutrition
  • Mining
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Paint & Coating
  • Oil & Lubricants
  • Glass & Ceramics
  • Plastics
  • Sunscreen
  • Rubber/Tyres
  • Building & Construction
  • Ferrites