Fertiliser Coatings

tarp © Zinc

SC Fertiliser coating to directly coat elemental zinc onto fertilisers.

» Proprietary formula
» Made by Zinc Oxide Australia.
» Made in Australia from zinc oxide produced by us.

tarp © liquid suspension concentrate coating contains particles of zinc oxide providing a reseroir of zinc nutrient for increased yield.


» Zinc (Zn) as zinc oxide (ZnO) 534g/kg (53.4% w/w)


» Fertiliser is evenly coated, remains dry and free flowing.
» Qaulity zinc with high nutritent concentration that strongly binds to fertiliser granules.
» Promotes dust suppression of the fertiliser.

Uniform Coating

» tarp © enables even coating of granular fertiliser and uniform distribution of micro nutrient onto the fertiliser surface
» Helps inhibit enzyme urease activity and improves solubility